Friday, April 22, 2011

I Brake for (Vintage) Bakeries

A week ago I visited the Federal Hill section of Providence with a friend.  Before heading home, however, I had to make a quick stop into Scialo Bros. Bakery to pick up some real* cannolis for my husband and I.
(*Note that the reviews on Yelp claiming that the cannolis are stale or not "real" are from people who have never had a real canolli.  These are made with ricotta, but, are whipped up light and do not have the consistency of wall putty like many ricotta cannolis.  Nor are they filled with custard or whipped creme which is certainly not a real cannoli.  The pastry is light and flaky and not overly sugared, as it should be.  They add a sprinkling of chocolate chips at one end and nuts at the other which is in keeping with traditional preparation and adds a bit of texture and taste as well.  Do not believe those who do not know what they are talking about!)

The bakery has been around forever, and, in fact, that is the founder, Luigi Scialo above.  The man lived to be 103 so I'd suggest you go there and ask what HE ate!  If you go to their web site you can read more about the history of the place.

The reason I am writing this weekend, however, is that when I was there, the window and bakery cases were already full of adorably crafted Easter treats!  (Again, those on Yelp! claiming them to be "sloppy" can go back to Stop and Shop and have a digital photo of a Disney character put onto a cake for their kids; these have REAL character!)

Easter colors,  paper ears, candy eyes, and coconut "fur" make these charming and timeless!  I'll bet they have been doing the same designs for years and they are still adorable.  Give the kids a break from Disney this time and consider putting a handmade bunny cake on the table from a local bakery like Scialo Bros.  I'll bet the kids will find it just as cute and may even enjoy it more!


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