Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh, this old thing?...

A couple of weeks ago I spied this Bonnie Cashin jacket on-line.  I debated and debated, but, finally decided I needed to have it as my own!  Unfortunately for the seller, she did not realize what she had, so, I was able to grab it for a song.  In these frugal times, however, you need to do what you can!   I think she was happy to have a sale, I was happy to have a bargain, and I hope she never reads this post.

Delivered late last week, I decided an invitation to join friends for Sushi last might was the perfect first outing.  The sushi was great, the company even better, but the reception to my new duds was lukewarm at best!  My husband was diplomatic but I could tell he was not smitten.  My friends were more blunt: "Well, the fabric is nice."  They attempted.  "Maybe if you wore it open?  It's sort of boxy." and "I really don't like the trim."

True, Cashin is not for everyone, and, this jacket, as striking as it is, might not be my first choice if it were NOT a Cashin.  I found, however, that I fell in love with Cashin's designs the same way you love Picasso's paintings.  Some you enjoy looking at more than others, but, they are all innovative, original, and the artistry never stagnant.  I loved wearing this jacket last night because it felt like I was wearing history!  And let me say, it was warm, and, surprisingly comfortable as well.  I felt special, even if my companions were not impressed.

Cashin Suit, Fall 1964, Metropolitan Museum of Art
And so my obsession with this designer continues.  I have found at least one other piece I will list in my shop and will showcase that here soon.  And if I find more pieces for myself I may blog about them as well!  If the weather will ever turn here in New England I will give my orange jacket it's first outing.  C'mon spring!


  1. The great thing about fashion, is you are allowed to have your own style. I'm not much for boxy on my figure but you pulled it off!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I wore super high heels and dark Seven jeans I found unworn at a yard sale - the "unstructured" top is also great for masking my mid-life paunch! :-)

  3. I absolutely love it, great minds think alike :->
    I have a serious 'thang' for vintage coats and jackets.

    You are making me have a serious craving for some Cashin of my own. Now that you have educated me, perhaps I will find one of my own.
    xo, suzy

  4. Hmnnn (knits brow) you are down South, right? (i.e.: competition!)

    Just kidding, so glad if I have piqued your interest! I like to say I am a vintage shopping enabler. Yes, I have a serious coat thing too. I am thinking about doing a post of my "collection" at some point soon... once I get these dang taxes done!

    Thanks for reading...

  5. I think it's awesome.

  6. I love it~it has a Chanel~esqueness to it but with a modish vibe....I think it looks great on you! Boxy is in anyway...not that we care about that! ;)


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