Friday, April 15, 2011

Some Cool Etsy Items for YOU to Buy

Red Mod Vinyl Hat - VintageJoAnn on Etsy
I know I promised to use my new phone to take some high res photos of items I saw - in person - and resisted purchasing.  However, in the interest of time, I decided to continue my "Things I Did Not Buy" series by posting a number of photos of items that I marked as Favorites in my Etsy shop.  These are items I love, but, do not need, so am happy to point them out to others.  I will start with this awesome mod hat.  A bargain at $24, in my opinion, but would likely look absurd on my almost 45-year old head.  Perhaps it is perfect for you?

Mod Tweed Bag from MillesimeBelle on Etsy

Goldenrod Olvie Tweed Bag - SassySisterVintage on Etsy
Next on my list is this pair of awesome 1960's tweed bags.  Love the colors, love the textures, love the shapes, but, simply do not love handbags (for me).  Love them on other people though!  I am a shoulder bag person, unless I am headed to a wedding or something, you will rarely see me with a handbag.  I need my hands for hunting!

Vintage Mailbag from GypsyGirlTrinkets on Etsy
Vintage Coach Messenger - APieceOfMine on Etsy
Continuing with the bag theme, are these two awesome shoulder bags.  Yes, I know what you are thinking "But you said you LIKED shoulder bags!"  Yes, I do.  So much that I already own several vintage messenger style shoulder bags, one of them even a vintage coach!  I have a beauty from Fossil, a gorgeous unmarked one and a fantastic oversize Moroccan bag decorated with coins that was a gift from my husband.  I do not, therefore need another.  The cultural relic mailbag above, however, truly is a thing of beauty.  And, I suspect that Coach bag is actually 1960's and may be a Bonnie Cashin.  The tag inside the bag is extremely early, and, an identical bag in red with Cashin as a tag sold in less than a day on Etsy a week or so ago...

Leather Jacket from VintageEngineerBoots on Etsy

Vintage Suede Jacket from Tottie on Etsy
In closing I will share these two Amelia Earhart-worthy leather jacket beauties.  As I have mentioned before, I have a serious "thing" for vintage leather and suede jackets.  In fact, my thing occupies the the better part of two closets in this house.   My collection includes an amazing 1930's/1940's suede men's flight jacket with buckle details at the hips and cuffs.  I love this jacket, although it is a little boxy and masculine on me.  It is incredibly warm, however.  It is the men's equivalent of the jacket from Tottie above, which certainly would fit my womanly shape better...hmnnnn....  But I found mine for $10 at a flea market and am not ready to part with it yet.  If you crave one for yourself, however, both of these beauties above are well worth the cost!


  1. Thanks for including my red hat-The price includes shipping. I'm 53 and if my gigantic head would fit it I'd wear it! I also have a facebook page- vintage joann

  2. Thanks so much for including my vintage bag! You have a beautiful blog ;-)


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