Thursday, April 28, 2011


I rarely buy ceramic figurines, planters and such to sell in my shop (unless holiday related.)  They do not have wide appeal with younger shoppers, they are more delicate to store and are certainly more of a risk to pack and ship.  Today, however, I came across a couple of pieces I simply could not pass by. First, this set of elf shakers.  They all have the same set of holes, I could not figure out who was who and they were inexpensive enough for me to buy all three together.  Marked Japan on the bottom of each they are in a word: delightful.

Also found today was this Valentine Girl planter from RELPO.  This sort of thing does not appeal to me personally, but, I sell a lot of these pieces around the Christmas holiday and this one just had a nice quality to her.  Turns out my instinct was right!  These planters are quite popular with collectors and this one - large at over 7" - typically sells for ten to twenty times more than I paid for her.  Evidently Relpo is primary known for some of the most collectible head vases but also made some of these planters as well.  I will likely sit on it until next Valentine's Day unless you write me and beg me to list it...

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