Sunday, May 15, 2011

Carmen and Ginger on Facebook!

Yes, we should have been on there a while ago but, had trouble setting up the account, got frustrated and sort of abandoned it.  Last week, Michelle at The Red Velvet Shoe helped get us up and running and nothing can stop us now!  I know many more of you read the blog regularly than "follow" through Google or RSS, so, if you use Facebook, this is a great way to have new posts and information show up in your regular social media news feed!  See something that sounds interesting and "click" to read! We will use it to flag new blog posts, upcoming events, photos of items that did not make it into the blog, flashes of info on upcoming sale themes in the shop and more!  It's also a way for you to share your thoughts and share your love for Carmen and Ginger with others on Facebook!  (thanks in advance, by the way!)  If you love social media as much as Muzzi (above and below) then this is a great option for you.  Click here or the links in the right sidebar to find us!

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