Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day and as has been tradition for about 15 years, I prepared a Mother's Day brunch for my mother and other family members.  Since my mother is not so crazy about my posting photos of her all over the web, I will instead today post a photo of my mother's mother, Pauline, above.  Sadly, Pauline is no longer here to join us for Mother's Day, but, her quiet elegance and love for fine old things has been passed on to my mother and to me as well.  Well, maybe more the love of old things than "quiet" for me, but, my mother certainly inherited her good qualities!  Instead of sharing a photo of my mom today, I will call attention to her two great Etsy shops.  The first, Find Me A Memory is full of goodies ranging from linens to housewares to paper goods and funky jewelry.  She has a great eye and great prices so be sure to check it out!  Her other shop is The Library Cat and it is here you can find a nice book for yourself or as a gift.  She is happy to ship them Media Mail or faster if you need it and provides gift wrapping at both shops if you request!  She has excellent items and superb customer service! 

Sometimes after our annual brunch, we will head on a family excursion to a local antique store.  Today we were able to do that, so, after the meal swung over to the Rhode Island Antiques Mall in Pawtucket.  The people there are very nice, and, they have a great selection.  My only peeve is that checkout takes SO long.  I really wish they would come up with a better system.  Other than that though I always like stopping by.

This little box of crayons is less than 3" square.  I fell in love with the graphics and the fact that it is still full of crayons!  I also like that it is from the "Saalfield Company."  This is one of the companies that produced many of those great vintage coloring books I posted about last week so it makes sense that they would supply some crayons as well!

My best find, however, is this lovely 1940's chalkware figurine.  I just love her trousers, tight sweater and sassy expression!  I posted a while back about some of my chalkware pieces.  I do not buy many of them but when you see one as unusual as this one (and for $16) you just HAVE to take her home!

And just in case you are worried, Carmen and Ginger devotees, that I am thinking only of myself today - fear not!  This awesome art deco carved brown Bakelite buckle was purchased for the shop, as was this wonderful linen and cotton woven tablecloth below.  I am always thinking of you, even if I think of me, and, of course, of mom at times as well!  Happy Mother's day to all my readers who are mothers or who have one that they admire and appreciate like I do.


  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful Brunch today. Everything was delicious as always. I had a great time with you at the Antique Shop too. I love that picture of my Mom. She was so young and looked so great in her hat and fur piece. I hope that everyone that reads your Blog had a wonderful Mother's Day.


  2. Your grandmother is lovely and there's definitely a family resemblance!

  3. This is a lovely blog and yes, the resemblance goes back more than one generation! The women in your family are simply styling.


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