Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pricing Pricing Pricing

Sorry to have been neglecting the blog a bit this week; I have been madly pricing, packing and otherwise preparing for the Top Shelf Flea III this weekend!  I know, I know, I don't stop talking about these events as they approach, but, it is sort of all-consuming with regard to preparation!   I have some crossover to the on-line shop, but, mostly new stock, so I need to get it all cleaned and priced for those ready to beat the doors down at noon Sunday!

At the first sale I brought way too many things, but, one of the things I missed at the second show was my mannequin.  I decided to bring her along again this time, and, I found the perfect outfit!  If you diligently read my blog (snicker, snicker, I know that's funny) you might recall I posted about these dresses last summer or fall or something... (Ok, I found the link here; - yikes...a year ago!)  A selection of about seven dresses, all new old-stock from the 1970's.  I only listed one of them on-line so far (and it sold in a flash!) so decided to premiere the rest at the May 22 Top Shelf Flea event!  I have three in the same size and design as the one I chose for the mannequin - doesn't she look great?

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