Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some Last Minute Additions!

I think anyone into finding or selling vintage items would agree that finding two (yes, two!) 1960's Hawaiian Wedding sets in one day is quite the coup!  Oh, and, add to that two, (yes two!) Lilli Diamond gowns in bubble gum pink.  Oh, and a little Oscar De La Renta 1970's maillot, a vintage Wilendur tablecloth, a selection of gorgeous 1950's rosaries and more...all from the same place!  Yup, that's a good day!  Truth is, I have always wanted one of these wedding sets but they are so hard to find!  The brown one has been modified in length (by the original owner) and I like how it fits and the shirt fits my husband great so I will keep that one for myself. 

Because I cannot keep everything, the second set in vibrant brushed cotton is already washed and dried and priced and packed to head with me tomorrow to the Top Shelf Flea!  The dress is about a women's medium (+/- 8) and the men's shirt is also a medium (42/44).  In such FAB 60's colors!  Bright and clean and awesome!  I believe I priced it at a reasonable $65 for the set.

Also snapped up, washed, priced and packed for Sunday are these two 1960's/1970's Lilli Diamond gowns!  Each has a different cut but they are both a fabulous bubble gum pink color! 

At the other end of the store was this incredible cache of vintage beautiful!  From Italy, Ireland, Canada, France and gorgeous Ebony, Amber, and Sterling Silver!

Oh, and, also at the same store, just a "little something" to be put away for friends who collect.  You know who you are!  I am only showing this little teaser snippet, they will have to wait until Christmas for the rest!

Hope to see you all at the Top Shelf Flea tomorrow in Somerville, Ma from 12:00 - 6:00pm!  Stop by and say "hello!"
Our mirror ads inches to your height and takes them off your waist!

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  1. Did you steal the mirror from Art & Pat's resturant?


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