Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Shelf Flea III - The C & G Recap

So, the Top Shelf event was two days ago and I am STILL recovering!  Thankfully I was able to sleep in until 9:00 or so Monday morning, and, since I set my alarm for 6:30 PM this morning instead of AM, I had a little unexpected extra sleep this morning as well!  If you are wondering why - aside from chatting, packing and doing math for six event hours - I also turned everything in the pic below, into the pic above, then back again in the same day...whew!
I was very happy with my booth set-up this time. I actually took fewer items, and, stayed a bit more seasonally focused.  This meant I brought no hats, but, a lot of super colorful bags and scarves, and pink cowboy boots!  (Those sold in a flash to a very happy customer - thanks!)
As always, we had and sold a ton of jewelry, but, not my beloved red lamp!  (My apologies again to the couple so interested in purchasing it!)
I really had fun displaying all my vintage swimsuits.  I only sold one, but, was happy to make that one sale to a very happy young co-seller from Gypsy.   Others were tried, but, no others went home for a new life...yet!  these will all of course appear soon in my on-line shop.  I think if the weather had not been so dang cold and dank we might all have sold some more summer wear....  But, enough about me, lets take a tour of the other sellers that day as well!

My event "neighbor" and partner in crime, the lovely Michelle from The Red Velvet Shoe always looks as polished as her impeccable goods!

My neighbor to the other side, Zach from Newton Street Vintage is equally as dapper and always has a crowd at his table! (see top photo once event was started, the portrait was pre-opening bell!)

Newcomers Fredricka had gorgeous antique wares, but, did not want their faces plastered all over the internet, so, I will respect that!  (but look at their great stuff!)

Another newcomer, J A Outfitters, offered a table full of fab outdoorsy artifacts for the urban enthusiast!

Bobby from Boston always manages to make vintage look exceedingly elegant yet accessible!  I was drooling over this vintage mailbag below:

I got to touch it, but, that was about as close as I was getting to ownership on this beauty!

The women from Artifaktori, in the same week they managed to open a new store on Beacon Hill, also displayed their always impressive selection of vintage goodies!  Talk about tired!  Oh, and I'm pretty sure they did Brimfield two weeks ago too...

The women of Gypsy are new to the Top Shelf, but, they are certainly not new to vintage lovers in New England!  These gals love to "pop up" all over the place, I've seen them in Providence and Somerville at the Rock and Roll Yard Sales and I even hear they set up tent at one of my favorite summer venues, Todd Farm in Rowley!

The lovely Nimco joined us again with her to-die-for mid-century enamelware and more!  (drool!)

The crowds were steady so I barely had time to snap this one pic of Swamp Rabbit Books providing assistance to some customers in choosing from their enticing selection. 

Last but not least of course is our fearless leader Joe, from An Affordable Wardrobe.  What more can I say?  The picture captures it all.  This guy's got it goin' on and no one can rock or hawk a pair of pink pants or white jeans like this guy!

If you stopped by - thanks!  If you missed us this time around, bookmark the Top Shelf Flea Blog and watch our postings as our plan is to return each Spring and Fall...


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I have to find out where they do this type of thing a bit closer to home. :)

  2. Luv my new swimsuit! I hope I'll be putting it to use this weekend. What a fun day the Top shelf was. Can't wait to "pop up" near you again soon!



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