Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer of 1974

The weather is suddenly and finally gorgeous after a loooooooong New England snow-filled winter!  I am wearing shorts, spending time outside and thinking of nothing but summer!  I have started listing summer tablecloths, barbecue items and swimwear in my shop, so decided to do a little post with a nod to the latter.

One-pieces did exist in the seventies, but, in 1974 the bikini ruled supreme!  Colorful and fun, the early 1970's were all about being natural and fresh and free!

Women's magazines in 2011 are not only touting sunscreen as a must; they are debunking sunscreens that over-promise and describe exactly how to ensure you will completely protect your skin.

In 1974 we "buttered" ourselves like turkeys on Thanksgiving!

Of course, the first "self tanner" was QT (Quick Tan).  Although the people in the photos look happy, the product was known for the tell-tale orange color your skin would turn when you used it!

Cornsilk cosmetics were new and part of the natural botanical cosmetic and beauty trends of the early part of the decade.  I love this woman's outfit. So retro, yet, looks just a contemporary collage student!

We were obsessed with "lightening" and "highlighting" our hair.  Pure lemons were shown in magazines and were also popular in hair products at the time. (Could not find an ad for "Sun-in" but certainly recall spraying it before headed to the beach!)  A lovely, blonde and artfully highlighted pre-Charlie's Angels Farah Fawcett hawked Schick hair care and styling products. RIP, Farah.

Rainbows were everywhere in the seventies so it makes perfect sense that we would see them on this fab bikini pair from 1974!  Drooling over these vintage beach fashions?  Just take a look at Etsy to see some fantastic items that YOU can buy!

At Carmen and Ginger, we have started listing our vintage swimsuits this weekend!  The 1970's black and white beauty above and the 1970's DeWeese below will both be listed in the next twenty four hours after this post!

Can't wait 24 hours?  Well then hop on over to Etsy to check out these awesome finds currently available!

 JC Penny Polka Dot Delight from TiddleyWink on Etsy
The most adorable DeWeese from CairParavelVintage on Etsy
Lovin' color? This bikini from thegroove on Etsy is for you!

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  1. I can't find the words to tell you how much I love this post! I remember my mom offering to spritz a little of her Sun-In on my hair, and that my older sister shunned any tanning oil (OIL!) with an SPF higher than 4.

    Thank you so much for featuring my shop as part of this trip down Memory Lane.


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