Friday, June 24, 2011

To Market To Market

So, I spied this nice basket on the top shelf at the consignment store that I tithe to, and thought "Wow, that's a nice old basket."  It's also quite large, which may not come through in the photo, but what surprised me was what I saw in the bottom which was this:
Since this looked too good to be true I thought "Is this a reproduction?" But, it obviously is not.  Once home, I looked it up on the web, and, although I found two references to similar baskets, I cannot access the images that originally accompanied the posts, so, cannot visually confirm.  One or both referred to it as a "market basket" suggesting that they would have been inside the store for shoppers to use.  I suppose this makes sense, given that stores still have baskets in them for us to use while shopping. Has anyone ever seen a similar style basket from the same time period?  I love it, but cannot decide if I should keep it or sell it...hmnnn.....

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  1. What a great basket! I would keep it as it goes so well with your interior design and I can imagine the cats taking up residence in it.


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