Sunday, July 24, 2011

Seeing Double

A month or so ago I noticed this painting at the local flea.  A still life, not especially remarkable, except for one detail: I already own the same painting.

By a different painter, of course, but the subject matter is identical!  At first I thought they were in the same still life painting course, but, they would also have had to be sitting side by side as the object angle and placement is the same.  Are these paintings copies of a famous painting?  If so I do not know the painting copied.  Or, did two best friends sit side by side and paint the same subject only to have one painting end up at a yard sale and another at the flea? Or, did a local artist paint the same motif over and over perfecting his or her technique for decades?  In any case, my painting cost me $10 at a yard sale and I like it better than the other, which is priced at $28. If anyone has any other insight, or, comments, please share!


  1. Could these be from those "Genuine Oil Painting" sales that are periodicaly held at various hotels? You know, the ones with the fake hand painted signs.


  2. No! Those paintings all look alike, and they are all BAD. These are both real paintings. Each is original, and painted in a different style. I do not like the way the Flea Market painting is painted, but, I do truly like the painting we have here. Still a mystery...


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