Monday, July 11, 2011

Thrifty Gift

I post a lot of hunting and finding on here, mainly with regard to collecting and my shop, but, not so much about thrift-shopping as a regular activity of daily life.  Part of this is because this blog was basically begun to support my shop, which by Etsy's selling rules starts at 20 years in the past and before, and part of it is because I simply take thrifting for granted.

I have always been a thrift shopper, and, some of my earliest memories are of attending the Temple Beth El rummage sales in Quincy, Massachusetts in the 70's with my mother and filling a bag for $.50!   Her greatest memory from that sale is a Loden coat she wore for years, but mine, being quite young, is the crinoline tutu with sparkles that I found there and wore for "dress up."

My thrifty nature continues to this day.  I rarely buy anything new for myself at all (with regard to clothing and accessories) and if I do, I head into a discount store like Marshall's and still try and find something I need on the sale rack!  Walking into a department store or retail boutique and buying off the rack at full price is simply not a part of my life, and, even if you see this blog, find my writing to be stunningly poignant and offer me a six-figure salary to blog for your upscale clothing line, I will still find time to hit Savers each week!

My inspiration in writing this post is two-fold.  First, I realized that some of the younger and talented fashion bloggers out there like Style Symmetry, Sammy Davis Vintage and Looking Fly On A Dime are not only advocating for a fashionable life, but, for embracing thriftiness; a trend that I certainly want to support!  Also, I realized that I had put together a "thrifty gift" for my young friend Theresa, a recent graduate, who is both appreciative of vintage goodies and a good sport about her face being plastered all over the web.

Theresa has a decidedly wholesome, all-American look, and looks great in red, white and blue.  I therefore decided to build her a gift that reflected the red, white and blue trend popular in the early 70's that has been seen reflected in contemporary fashion magazines this summer.

One of the first items I found was this fantastic second-hand  blue canvas bag.  Not vintage, but, with a timeless design and in like-new condition!  I love the thick white rope details giving this a decidedly nautical look.  The bag became her gift bag, and all other gifts went inside it.

I wanted to make sure she had some true vintage 1970's items in there, and what perfect way to add these vintage touches than through accessories?  The awesome mod scarf shown earlier in the post is one of them, along with a red, white, and blue chunky beaded necklace, cascading white bauble clip-on earrings, a vintage enameled flower scarf clip that can be worn as a scarf clip, dress clip, barrette or brooch!  And finally, the last find to complete the outfit; adorable vintage nautical themed charm bracelet above!

Dresses are a tough thing to buy for others, but I decided to take a risk on these two beauties.  As any thrift shopper will tell you, often times the reason an item ends up on a sale rack or donated to a thrift shop is because the sizing is way off from reality.  These two dresses, in fact, were each marked a size Large, however, I tried them both on and was certain they were more like mediums if not small to medium!  I know that Theresa is a smart girl, and, confident about her killer body, so, could handle wearing a dress erroneously marked "Large" for style's sake when in fact, the dress, like her body, was no where near a large size. 

The result?  Theresa is a fashion "do!"  Not that she needs me for that, but, I'd like to think my gift was up to her standards. be that young and lovely again.... Wait, I was never quite that lovely, but, I had my eighties moments...

OK, now for the breakdown.  Theresa, if you are reading and do NOT want to know how little (heh heh) I paid for your gift stop here.  For you fashion-hungry thrifters out there who want all the nitty-gritty details of thriftiness, read on!

All items were purchased at Savers.  About 80% of them were purchased during my 50% off Saver's Card pre-sale members event last weekend, and, a couple more were found when I had a fully stamped Saver's 30% off card.  The details:

Purchased for 50% off:
Polka Dot Dress: $9.99
Gucci-copy dress (found with tags): $7.99
Mod Scarf: $1.99
Necklace: $4.99
Earrings: $2.99
Bag: $6.99

Purchased for 30% off:
Scarf clip: $.99
Bracelet: $2.99

Total with all discounts: $21.30

Am I good or am I good?


  1. You aren't just good, Christine. You are GREAT!

    Can I buy this from you, if you still happen to have it in the archives?

    ----> being quite young, is the crinoline tutu with sparkles that I found there and wore for "dress up."

    Theresa is one lucky girl -- congratulations to her recent graduation and such success ahead of her in life!

  2. I love reading every single one of your posts, Christine! So much good vintage... accessories, clothing and photographs! what a wonderful present to give... creative, personal and way better than anything you could buy off a department store rack!

  3. Thank you Sammy and Amanda! High compliments coming from each of you for sure! Sammy, I hate to tell you that the tutu is long gone, BUT, I promise to look for one for know where....SAVERS!

  4. My recollection is that after wearing the loden coat for several years your mother took it to a thrift shop and sold it for $25.00.


  5. That sounds like her! I'm sure are right Dad!

  6. What a fabulous gift~~the best kind!! She looks adorable in it....and you are THE queen of thrifting, but you already know that! ;P


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