Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Weekend of Summer Outings

'Tis the weekend to spend outdoors, and, I would be doing just that if I did not come down with a nasty summer cold that has prevented me from doing much of anything besides sleep and tap away on the keyboard.  Sigh.  If I am feeling better tomorrow, the fourth, I plan to catch some fireworks and see some friends so cross your fingers for me.  In the meantime, I have scanned some images of people having fun-in-the-sun and enjoying the outdoors a la Independence Day style from decades passed....

I am a sucker for a good vintage chair and have been collecting them for years!  Love the aluminum webbed chairs in the top photo, and, this awesome lounger in the bottom photo.  From 1960 and 1962 respectively, also love the smiles on these women enjoying the outdoors!

Cute couple but I admit I am coveting that side by side metal garden chair - wow!

Love the slight stiffness of this girl's pose for the camera.

Grandpa, laundry on the line and metal garden chair...ahhhhh

Coveting the matching chair and round table in white and some fab retro color I'm sure!

Love this woman's face, probably caught eating something.  Now I will post the poor woman for all eternity on the web.
I truly love vintage metal garden chairs the most.  I have many, and have found them here and there, often one at a time for years.  I love to restore them and drag them all over the yard all summer.  Sometimes they get destroyed again, but, as long as my "stuff" gets used I'm happy.  I paint mine red, yellow and green...and like to paint the arms and legs a contrasting creamy white as they were often originally and as seen above.

Oh man, I'll have what he's having!  (And look at that little girl's butt in the background - too funny!)

Nothing beats a picnic with family and friends in the park!

I want to be there!
I think I have posted these guys before, but, I love the suits and the tablecloth being used outdoors - classic!
Hangin' with friends on the hood of the Chevy, 1960
Who does not love an outing at the park?  These photos just capture than essence of summer, eating outdoors and spending time with family and friends during those endless warm days...ahhh.....

These photos of a summer beauty pageant are all dated June, 1946 and came from an album of photos I purchased a while back.  I love the outfits and hairdos!  I especially love the photo of just the legs, and, adore the crowd photos.  Whoever took these was a great photographer.

No matter what your plans are this weekend, I hope they involve metal garden chairs, vintage tablecloths, friends, family or food - or, if you are truly lucky - all of the above!

Parade watching...

Cat's Eyes and girlfriends - what's better than that?

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