Monday, July 18, 2011

What Is Brimfield?

What is Brimfield?  Brimfield is a flea market that takes place in Brimfield, Massachusetts three times each year.  From the main information page, this quote is the best simple summary:

The Brimfield Antiques Show is the largest outdoor antiques show in the world, with over 6,000 dealers and 130,000+ visitors during the course of the week.  While it is convenient to refer to it as "The Show", it is actually comprised of 23 fields, owned by "Promoters", who lease spaces to dealers from all over the world. The Show takes place three times a year, usually around Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day. 

Having  grown up in Massachusetts, in a "collecting" family, I have been to Brimfield beginning at a young age.  I am not an addict though.  I head out once in a while, if I am in the mood or looking for something specific.  I am often asked by people "What is Brimfield?" so, during a visit last week, I decided to put together a little photo essay of it all for you.  Of course, my images are slanted towards what interests me, but, it IS my blog, so, that's the way it goes!

No matter what, Brimfield is a long day.  With over 6000 dealers it simply cannot be shopped in a single day.  I usually drive up and park for one day and see what I can during that time (we were there from 8 - 6 last Friday) but others make overnight reservations and I often hear stories of specialty dealers and groups of friends who head up for several days or the entire week!   If you are lucky, you will have blue skies, no heat and no humidity.  We had the first and last of those three and with hats and water did just fine.

 Being in New England, Brimfield is old farm tools and weathered wood.

 It is places to sit and places to step.

It is Arts & Crafts antiques and artisan's crafts made to mimic antiques.

It is considering a selection of small imported Buddahs and being watched over by a very large one.

 Brimfield is unexpected objects of beauty.

Brimfield is digging through piles for hidden fabric gems.

It is also breathtaking merchandising of hard to find items, paper labels intact and being able to shop a Willendur Lobster Tablecloth off the rack!
It is a place where 7' lamps have leaves.

...and a place where life can literally be a carnival all the time!

 Taking time out for lunch and a nap under the coolness of a tent or stand of trees is highly recommended!

 Brimfield is vintage coats and celebrity sightings.

 It is one place where sticky snacks and antiques live side by side in harmony.

Brimfield is Rosbro and Paper Mache candy containers, Evergleam Pom Pom Trees and Color wheels and giant Santas and Sleighs no matter which time of year you attend.

Brimfield is lots of walking, lots of traffic and lots of carrying stuff around.

 It is a place where men's socks and wire hangers are objects of true beauty.

 (Last Friday at least...) Brimfield has the best selection of vintage gliders ON EARTH.

GypsyShop pops up at Brimfield!
Brimfield is a place where you are happy to get up before dawn, where red barns co-exist with fur coats, and, where bumping unexpectedly into friends is surprisingly common.

At Brimfield you can buy a glider, a tablecloth, a Del's or a throne.  Or just feel like King and Queen for a day.


  1. Oh my goodness! My eyes were drinking everything in and my hands were twitching wanting to reach out and dive into those vintage linens. I love that red round step stool. I think I would have had to have it if I were with you.


  2. Thanks for reading all! Mom, I was thinking of you and that stepstool but a) it was something like $65 and b) you should so NOT be climbing on it and I knew if I got if for you you would!!! So, enjoy the pics....

    Most coveted item: the glider in the tropical design. Oh WOW! Tagged $115 before negotiations...what a deal! The "pie crust" fixer-upper single chair came home with me. I already bought its new paint colors and it will look stellar! (Husband: "Because we NEEDED another vintage garden chair...")

  3. Oh my god. I drooled over the Bakelite bracelets. I would totally wear those, even while teaching. And the lobster tablecloth ... speechless... I must abandon children for a day and go to Brimfield with you next summer.


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