Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1940's Kem-Tone Color Chart

I was looking for something earlier today and in a pile of papers came across this tri-fold brochure from Kem-Tone.  I have NO IDEA where it came from or how long I have owned it so do not even ask.  All I know is that I have seen a lot of buzz about authentic color choices for mid-century homes of late, especially on the great Retro Renovation Site and Facebook pages.  That got me thinking that I should get this scanned and up on the blog so that it can stay here as an on-line resource.  I am guessing this dates to the 1940's (Kem-Tone was first offered in 1941) because of the hair styles and clothing styles of the women on the front and the back (not shown - yet!) of the pamphlet.  It is not dated, but, a code suggests 1944 may be possible. If you want to read more about the origins of this product, click here.

I have uploaded this large enough so that you should be able to click then click again to zoom and read it easily.  Also, feel free to download as needed/appropriate.  I do not own the image, it is owned by Kem-Tone.


  1. This is awesome. I am putting a lot of misc mid century furniture in our guest / spare bedroom and none of the current colors I had looked at looked right. I'll bet one of these will do the trick!

  2. So glad I could help! I wish I could post the lovely matte finish of these samples, but, you will just have to use your imagination! Post pics of the new room when done!

  3. I found these colors mentioned in an ad for Sears in a 1944 edition of The Toledo Blade:,1954686


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