Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lassie Come Home!

It's been a while since I blogged and I apologize for the delay! The display on my laptop suddenly stopped working and it made it quite impossible to do anything creative for a couple of weeks.  I replaced what appeared to be the broken part with no change, so, subsequently purchased a new monitor and now my laptop is at least a working desktop. I have been catching up on things over the past week, and, am finally back to blogging!

At Carmen and Ginger, we are ready to start listing our annual dog listings!  Last year I highlighted the Terriers, and, specifically, Skippy the dog.  This year, I decided to highlight Collies, and, of course, Lassie!  Geez, I wish I'd thought to call Lassie earlier, 'cause she would have been right on my computer problem!

Elizabeth Taylor was only 11 when she was brought in to replace the original actress scheduled to play the role of Priscilla in the 1943 film Lassie Come Home.  According to IMDB,  her wages for the film were less than half the dog's wages!
It drives me crazy when people post things on the internet that are simply copied from someone else's page.  There is no shortage of histories and wonderful anecdotes about Lassie on the internet that people more knowledgeable than I have have taken the time to compile.  Wikipedia is a great place to start because their Lassie page has some great facts and links to send you off in a million other directions!  Of course, Lassie, although gone for decades, still has her own web page, full of images and historical facts!

Rudd Weatherwax, Lassie's owner, trainer and lifelong friend, works with Lassie and another dog on set.
I would encourage you to read about Lassie on the web as the story is almost as remarkable as the Lassie stories themselves!  The original Lassie, Pal, was given to the trainer when he did not work out as a pet.  The trainer had actually given him away to someone else when he learned that the Eric Knight Lassie novel  was to be made into a movie, so, he took him back and they stayed together for about 17 more years!  Also, incredible is that Pal was originally a stunt double for the movie, but, caught a break that made him a star!  I will paste this short (and properly attributed) quote from Wikipedia's page for Pal because the story is just that great;

During the course of filming, a decision was made to take advantage of a massive flooding of the San Joaquin River in central California in order to obtain some spectacular footage for the film. The female collie was still in training and refused to enter the raging waters created by the flood. Weatherwax was on the site with Pal and offered to have his dog perform in a five-stage shot in which Pal would swim the river, haul himself out, lie down without shaking the water off his coat, attempt to crawl while lying on his side and finally lie motionless, completely exhausted. Pal performed exceptionally well and the scene was completed in one take. Weatherwax said director Fred M. Wilcox was so impressed with Pal during the sequence that he had "tears in his eyes." In response, producers released the female collie and hired Pal in her stead, reshooting the first six weeks of the filming with Pal now portraying Lassie. (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Lassie was destined for stardom and fans were not content with just the movies!  Television was inevitable and the first of several versions of the series began in 1954 with Pal playing the role of Lassie in the two pilots and his son, Lassie Jr. taking on the role after that.  Surprisingly, although Lassie was always written as a female role, the character was always played by male dogs.  Remarkably, the part of Lassie has been played by Pal, or, a direct descendant almost exclusively - aside from one short-lived contract dispute - for the past six decades! 

Although I grew up as a child of the seventies, the opening I recall is this earlier one from the original version of the show - a classic!  When my husband learned I was writing about Lassie, he said to be sure to highlight her heroic nature, and, there is no shortage of heroic images of Lassie, especially in the comic stories!

Lassie saving a deer from drowning!
Lassie bringing the medical supplies!
Lassie saving a man from drowning!
Lassie saving the boy from a bear attack!
Lassie saving a cat from a burning building!
My husband had mentioned a scene with a mountain lion.  While I could not find an actual mountain lion scene, I did recall this great parody which, I think was from an advertisement for dog food?  Always worth a chuckle...

And if you want a bit-o-memorabilia for yourself, there are lots of great Lassie and Collie related items on Etsy right now.  Here are a choice few:

Great Coloring Book from ManateesToyBox
Lovely Brooch from JennyLooms
Lassie Golden Book from SunshineBooks
Majestic Bookends from MySweetiePiePie

Another charming photo from Maclancy
Kitschy fun from VoltaVolta
Collie meets mid-century barware from Luola
And coming this week from Carmen and Ginger?  We have dogs galore!  Not only Collies, but Scottish and Wire Haired Terriers, oodles of Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, and many, many more!  We have figurines, jewelry, linens, housewares, paper goods; you name it, we've got it!  All photographed and ready to go.  For now, we will leave you with a taste of the Collies:

Large and gorgeous chalkware bank. 
1950's Flannel Collie Doll Blanket
Majestic Collie Figurine
and many more amazing dog items!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall Fashion in Full Swing!

We have been madly listing items for you in the shop, many from the post below are already there, many more coming this week or later in the month. (Some already sold!)  Right now we are focusing on bohemian and hippie-styled goodies from the 60's and 70's with an emphasis on leather, suede, boots, bags, jackets and funky print dresses!  As always, coordinating jewelry, belts, gloves and scarves abound!   We know you are getting settled at school, getting your kids off to school and adjusting to the weather shift (and are likely in denial that it is getting cooler, as are we!) But this is reminder that we've got the goods you need, once you feel that nip in the air, all in one place...

Monday, September 5, 2011

There's a Nip In the Air

...and frankly, it feels pretty good!  After this hot and muggy summer, a little crispness is a welcome thing.  The warm weather does always seem to fly by so quickly here in New England, but, as much as I will soon miss getting dressed by selecting two items; fall brings with it the promise of being a little more fashion-forward again!  I have finished poring over the fall Vogue and Glamour mags, and, want to share some fall trends, and, how Carmen and Ginger will help you sport them, beginning this week!

Trend #1 - Faux Fur

I do not shop at the mall much - even when I DO have money to spend! - but during last week's power outage my husband and I headed over to see a movie and I spotted this trend in just about every store window.  Faux fur! A reading of the September issues confirmed this as well - it is all the rage this fall!  And from Carmen and Ginger?  Well, feast your eyes on these items coming this fall:

1950's Faux Fur Trimmed Wool Jacket

1960's Faux Leopard Coat

1960's Crushed Velvet with Faux Fur Trim

Trend #2 - 1960's and 1970's Inspired Easy Breezy Dresses

Who does not love this trend?  Colorful, comfortable, washable and sexy!  How often do those words describe the same thing?  This is why these styles are so popular with vintage enthusiasts, they last and layer year after year, melding with other trends and continuing to enable your wardrobe to be both one of a kind yet trendy!  And from C & G?:

Tell me this bright pink coral dress does not look just like the Mulberry green dresses above?  And that sweet little peplum with added belt?  Perfect for office or evening!

Love the colors and sexy sheerness of this one - deadstock with tags!

Trend #3 - Leather

Of course, leather never goes out of style - especially for fall!  What we love about this season's trends, however, is that there is a lot less of the coloring, coating, quilting, and bling of leathers of recent seasons and just more, of well,...leather!  We love leather more in it's natural form and that is how you are seeing it this season.  In clothing, coats, bags and shoes, you are seeing more natural colors and textures and simplistic lines.  It is harking back to the late 1960's early 1970's trends and there is nothing we love to sell (and, personally, wear!) than this type of leather.  What we will be offering:

Amazing Ivory Leather trench and 70's patchwork suede hobo.

Supple leather jacket with terrific topstitching.

1960's pilgrim style boots with killer metal loop accents!

Classic Coach Messenger perfectly aged.

Can you rock this suede vest and snap skirt? 

Trend #4 - Color
This may sound silly, but, when you think about it, fall is often quite devoid of color.  You typically have caramels and plums and forest green, but, brights?  Not every season.  This season it is back with a vengeance; some 80's inspired, some 60's inspired but all of it designed to keep you on your toes and get you noticed!  We noticed the trend and will offer these items heading into fall:

An assortment of colorful bags.

Bright gold faux fur 1960's cap with satin bow.

Not just suede - PINK suede!

Outstanding Orange 1960's Hat for Fall

Trend #5 - Reptile

Animal prints often dominate the fall lineup, (last year leopard made a big return!) but we were a little caught off-guard by the amount of reptile prints we saw!  Bags, jackets, shoes, coats...it was everywhere and in every color!  We have a few pieces, and, will be especially on the lookout for more as we continue to find great items for the shop.  For now:

Reptile bags - both real and faux!

Trend #6 - Tweed, Houndstooth, Plaid and Textures

Classic treatments of these fall staples abound this fall.  Black and white houndstooth and tweeds, classic plaids and all other ways of these classic staples are seen.  These classic patterns and textures pair perfectly with the bright colors, thus making them a perfect fall couple.  We are supporting this trend with:

1960's Large Print Plaid Wool Cape

Just one of several tapestry bags in wonderful textures.

Trend #7 - Hosiery

Hosiery is making a big come-back this year in many forms.  First, because of Kate Middleton, evidently pantyhose are making a come back.  Here at C & G, we have not worn pantyhose since 1999 and have no intention of starting again.  Tights are always a trend, and, for us, a lifelong addiction!  What we loved seeing for this fall, however, is a return of socks.  Yes, socks!  Socks were everywhere; at ankle height, at knee height, peeking over boots and wrapped down over them.  We love this trend, and, although our age may make the ankle length a little tricky, look forward to showing off our knee-socks this season, albeit likely over a pair of tights.  For you from us:

A selection of vintage 1960's and 1970's NOS hosiery.

Perfect 1970's Candies to showoff the trend!

We also like this trend for extending your 1970's Brazilian peep-toes into fall...

Trend #8 - Mod

What vintage seller does not love a return of this trend?  Clean lines, classic shapes resilient fabrics and from a decade where cuts are forgiving and finds in good-condition possible!  We always have some mod items in all categories at Carmen and Ginger, in fact, if you click here you can see what is currently available!   Coming for this fall:

A selection of mod 1960's shoes.

1960's one-piece wool shorts jumper and 1980s (does 1960s) white boots.

Simple shape and lines with toggle closures give this a wonderful 1960's mod look.
With regard to when these hit the shop, we start listing fall clothing items in the shop this week.  We will begin with lots of hippie-influenced Boho items including leather bags, boots, shoes, coats and many dresses.  As typical, we layer our fashion between other listings so keep watching for an entire week of men's fall fashion, plus, one or two more weeks of more women's listings over the next two months.  We have much much more inventory coming than we can possibly show in this post!  Follow us on Facebook to see advance listings and to know exactly what is coming!

We want to mention two more trends before we go.  First, we were underwhelmed by the Banana Republic "Mad Men" line.  In fact, we were not even compelled to photograph it.  If it helps generate interest in vintage (as the show has done for several years now) great!  But, to release late 1950's shapes when the show is moving deeper into the 1960's seems out of step.  Lastly, there is one more trend we were VERY happy to see return: flare pants!  These flatter everyone, and, we are so, so, happy to see them back.




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