Thursday, September 1, 2011

C'mon Irene...

I usually think of candles as a luxurious item.  Something to light when I have a party, want to set a mood or have company coming over.  But this week candles have become a necessity.  Hurricane Irene came blasting through here Sunday morning, knocking over trees and taking out power lines and transformers as she passed through.

Thankfully, none of the fallen trees fell on my house or property, and, the lasting effects have been lack of power only.  I have family members who have also lost power for days, and, in Vermont, family living in the hardest hit areas told me half the town ended up underwater or washed away during the storm!  Loss of power is an inconvenience for certain, but, thankfully it is still summer here and not hot enough to need AC or cold enough to need heat.  I live in the city and am able to walk to the public library to juice up and connect the laptop to the internet and it is from there where I am posting this today.  We can thankfully walk to restaurants and grab ourselves a frozen yogurt as we did last night. 

Finding "D" batteries was a challenge but I finally came across some two towns over today as back up for our flashlight and the ever-present radio that keeps me company during the day!  We have enjoyed time with neighbors and it has been fun to break our routine.  But, I did want to get a few things done this week, Irene, and, you have set me back.  Since I wanted to let my readers know I am still out here in the blogisphere, I decided to post a few pics to document the past few days.

Cutest storm moment:  waking to find Carmen intently staring at something.  What that "something" was? A scared squirrel that had taken refuge on one of the windows on our covered front porch.

Least "cute" storm moment: the tree that narrowly missed my neighbor's car and snapped a telephone pole in half taking out an electrical transformer at the same time.  The whole house shook and the squirrel was not seen again!

Clean-up and construction crews are the neighborhood's form of entertainment and any time one of them shows up (and they have shown daily, in a variety of forms, for the past five days) we all pepper them with questions about what is going on and when we are getting our power back.  Needless to say, they try to avoid us be pretending to be engaged in cell phone conversations and such.  National grid is now predicting we will not have power returned until this coming Sunday. 

The kitchen just gets SO dark, SO early when you have no power!  We've eaten about anything we could salvage from the fridge.  Eating out will likely happen through the weekend which, although possible, is getting more costly than we'd expected. 

Office supplies:  Lighter, candle, lantern.  What's on YOUR desk?

Candles in the bathroom not for ambiance, but, so we can still floss.

The hottest commodity in town.  Now that I think of it, I should have bought two more packs of these and re-sold them on the street corner back in Providence! 

Milk sits in a bed of freshly-changed ice so we can enjoy some cereal in the mornings.

Thankfully gas, so, have been making coffee via the range top and a lighter!

No messages this week.

 Luckily I have a backup travel alarm.

The hardest thing to live without!

The upside?  Everything that happens after dark seems romantic...


  1. You can't beat stove top coffee, sweetie, no matter how popular Starbucks gets! Great "remember when" post, and according to the weather channel, you might want to stock up on those batteries & that ice!

  2. You make being without power seem fun a glamorous!


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