Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Hat

I am a fan of the new NBC show, "Prime Suspect."  Of course, being the American version, it is faster-paced and does not have nearly the depth of the British series starring Helen Mirren.  As far as network cop shows go, however, I am enjoying it.  Let's just hope it does not go down the "every-criminal-is-a-grueseome-serial-killer" path that so many other shows succumbed to and lost me (think: Law & Order Criminal Intent - Oh WHY?)  But I digress.  I am here today to talk about the hat.  You know, THAT hat.

It's not that we are opposed to hats on Maria Bellow, or, her character, or, that we even dislike this particular hat.  We dislike THIS hat on HER head.  It's too small.  The proportions are all wrong.  It looks odd.  I presume they are trying to make her character look "tough" but it is just distracting.  She is a good actress.  Wait, a VERY good actress.  She can play tough, in a hat that actually fits. Really.

For example, here is Jennifer Aniston wearing a men's styled (or small vintage men's?) fedora.  It looks great!  She is only two years younger than Maria, and, also has long blond hair.  The two are beauties for sure!  Why does this look so much better?  It is the right SIZE for her head!  The hat is right, and, more importantly in a fedora, the brim is right.

Look people, Maria can rock a HAT!  Here she is looking equally stunning in a kicky beret, vintage straw number and even a softer-styled Fedora that FITS!  Get the woman a new hat and let's move on.


  1. You are hilarious! I watch this show and have sat and stared at that hat wondering why it just didn't look right... being that I'm not a "hat" person, it never dawned on me that the darn thing was just too small! :)

  2. I watched one episode. You are right, she is no H.M.I also noticed the little hat. I agree it WAS distracting. But you know who would look amazing in a fedora? You. Seriously.

  3. Actually, my nose it too big for hats with little brims. I need a hat with a WIDE brim for it to work on me! :-)


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