Monday, October 31, 2011

Owl be 'owling about Owls on 'Owl-loween

I typically post about something on Halloween, so, decided this year to post some of my great old owl cards.  I cannot recall where I found these.  Some, I think, came as a gift in a bundle from my mother, while I have picked up others here and there.  Only one is an actual "Halloween" card, one is actually a Christmas card, and most are advertising cards.  They do all, however, look great together!  The graphic at the top of this post is the Kenton Baking Powder logo on the back side of the three Baking Soda cards below.

An actual Halloween postcard!  No idea where I found this as they are just so hard to find.  If it was given to me as a gift I apologize for my forgetfulness!
Unsure of the origins of this one; the Barn Owls are lovely and the background actually die-cut out.

The two above appear to be the liquor drinkers and teetotalers both touting Halifax C & B Co's Fine Biscuits and Confectionery.

Although the bottom is very different in style from the humorous nature of the top two, all three of these are from Kenton Baking Powder.
Yet another lovely die-cut around the owl and branches.  This one also from a Halifax business; the W. Taylor & Co. Boot and Shoe Store.
And lastly, a Christmas card.  Looks more like a Halloween card to me!  But a lovely sentiment, and, as usual, you will be seeing many more Christmas posts on this site very soon.


  1. The drunks are men and the women teetotalers. Why is that?


  2. I didn't do the illustrations, just sharing! I believe it is thinking "of the time period."


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