Sunday, January 29, 2012

Valentine's Day "Free" dom!

We were so excited at Carmen and Ginger to be asked to participate in a Valentine's Giveaway along with eight, yes, EIGHT OTHER sellers organized by Lady Jane Vintage!   If you are already drooling over the items in the photo above, get right over to Lady Jane's Facebook page and follow the simple steps to be entered in the giveaway!  It is only open for one more week and the one lucky winner will receive all the items shown above.  Yup, ALL of them!  Just click here for all the details. (be sure to open the comments and read the very first one from Lady Jane.)

We realized we have plenty of kitschy pink and red vintage items for the upcoming holiday, so we have been gathering a number of items to share with you this week, ready to be purchased and shipped in plenty of time for the holiday!

We'll have clothing, jewelry, bags, and some other goodies.  All in lovely pinks and reds! 

And if it is some actual vintage paper valentines you are looking for, take a look at my mom's shop Find Me A Memory.  She has sold a number of these incredible valentines recently, but, have many more in inventory and seems to keep adding items every other day!

Don't Be Alarmed Valentine from FindMeAMemory
Pair of early mechanical Valentines from FindMeAMemory

Monday, January 2, 2012


Sorry to be so lax in posting of late!  As you know, Facebook has been great for business but has also kept me from my "less comprehensive" posts here on the blog, which in turn, has left me looking for "more comprehensive" posts to make here, which do not come together quite as fast!  That coupled with my beginning a full time job December 1, with an hour's commute each way, has seriously cramped my blogging style!

I had planned to do this "deer post" for a while now; I even had 75% of the images ready to go for the past month!  But, time eluded me so here I am, on my last day off before returning to work, finally getting to this post.  The point, you see, was deer.  Deer are all the rage right now.  One of the big trends in popular culture is nature, and, in turn, woodland animals, of which deer are extremely popular on their own.  As I gathered my Christmas items, I realized I'd picked up two pairs of deer in my travels. While I sold the top pair in a flash, I decided the bottom pair might be more valuable to me as merchan-deer-sers than in sales, so I put them to work!

These deer easily sold some earrings and elves, and are still workin' it in the shop hawking Santas, brooches, and, some winter-related goods like boots, hats and blankets!

Snowland Boots still for sale at Carmen & Ginger!
Of course, I am far from the first to see the benefits of deer merchandising on Etsy: nor will I be the last.  It is no secret: deer figurines can have the amazing ability to make anything look more cute, natural and woodsy in a flash!

Wood Slice Ring from Ixela
In fact, deer have become so popular that they are not just used to merchandise on Etsy, they are right now one of the hottest items, in about as many forms and formats as you can imagine!

1. Deer Photo from ALPhotography

2. Deer Sculpture from ANeedleInTheHay
3. Deer Wall Decals from QinQinDecal
4. Deer Pillows from Nakeddecor

5. Vintage Deer Cardigan SOLD in less than 2 Hours at Carmen and Ginger
1. Deer used in art photography has been a trend for a little over a year now, with these tiny deer and antique cutlery from ALPhotography especially clever!
2. I love how ANeedleintheHay flips the deer merchandising on it's head by using trendy vintage boots to merchandise the brass deer as similarly trendy and relevant!
3. Irony drives the popularity of trends with a different take on the traditional mounted deer over the mantel; while there are many out there, this affordable yet striking arrangement from QinQinDecal is especially effective!
4. NakedDecor's graphic pillows perfectly mix modern with tradition.
5. At Carmen and Ginger we jumped on the bandwagon when we spied this vintage 1970's cardigan on the rack!  It sold in less than two hours to a trend-spotting regular customer in Vermont who we happen to know wore it with pride over the New Year holiday weekend!

With all this popularity of deer and effective merchan-deer-sing, we asked ourselves, "What else can these deer help us market?"  The public loves a trend and can be sold on anything if presented the right way.  We missed the boat on Beanie Babies and Madonnas-on-Toast, there must be something we can use these guys for to bring in a little cash as we head into the new year.  How about a dirty coffee mug belonging to a soon-to-be-famous blogger?....

Maybe THE BEST generic box of tampons EVER?

Behold the MYSTERIES of the catnip and spittle covered cat toy artfully placed on vintage luggage "thrifted" from the neighbor's trash....

The possibilities are endless...see us on Etsy and eBay soon....




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