Sunday, January 29, 2012

Valentine's Day "Free" dom!

We were so excited at Carmen and Ginger to be asked to participate in a Valentine's Giveaway along with eight, yes, EIGHT OTHER sellers organized by Lady Jane Vintage!   If you are already drooling over the items in the photo above, get right over to Lady Jane's Facebook page and follow the simple steps to be entered in the giveaway!  It is only open for one more week and the one lucky winner will receive all the items shown above.  Yup, ALL of them!  Just click here for all the details. (be sure to open the comments and read the very first one from Lady Jane.)

We realized we have plenty of kitschy pink and red vintage items for the upcoming holiday, so we have been gathering a number of items to share with you this week, ready to be purchased and shipped in plenty of time for the holiday!

We'll have clothing, jewelry, bags, and some other goodies.  All in lovely pinks and reds! 

And if it is some actual vintage paper valentines you are looking for, take a look at my mom's shop Find Me A Memory.  She has sold a number of these incredible valentines recently, but, have many more in inventory and seems to keep adding items every other day!

Don't Be Alarmed Valentine from FindMeAMemory
Pair of early mechanical Valentines from FindMeAMemory

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  1. Thanks for sharing those items. As I didn't recieve any present on Valentine's day I decided to buy myself a gift. I fell inlove with the pink bag, I hope I can still find it.


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