Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We've Opened a Retail Store!

On "Black Friday" 2013, Carmen & Ginger opened its first retail location at the historic Arcade in downtown Providence, RI!

We apologize for our absence from blogging.  After returning to work full time it became difficult to put together the posts we had enjoyed creating in the past.  Now that we are 100% devoted to the "vintage biz" we plan to resume blogging soon.  For now, follow us on facebook where we post daily.

We have two large cases of jewelry at the new store, showcasing Rhode Island made Coro and Trifari mid-century pieces as well as many many other pieces from the 1930's through to the 1970's.

We are also excited to carry New England made jewelry from three local artists who make new pieces from vintage items.  Ariana Porreca, Sue from La De Dah Jewelry, and Lily from Memory Relics are represented in this case.  In addition to jewelry, we carry bags made from vintage fabrics created by Gina of Gina's Creations.  In our clothing department, we are also fortunate to feature the upscale stylings from Michelle of The Red Velvet Shoe, and, the fun and festive from Val of The Fox Affect.  (PS: Val also works at the shop two days a week!)

We have had a huge response to our selection of vintage cameras and vintage camera-related items, so, we constantly add to this inventory to keep you coming back!


Our clothing selections will change with the seasons.  Right now, our windows feature a 1970's ski bunny in a Jean Claude Killy jacket, vintage Apres Ski boots, and a 1978 Rainbow Polaroid One-Step while her friend shows off fringed boots and a rabbit fur coat.

We are constantly changing our selection of interior items as well!  Right now we are featuring items related to travel...as in "travel away from these sub-zero temperatures!"  Or, well, at least think about it.

Our location is an historical wonder, noted on the National Register of Historic Places.  If you visit, you will not only find a great selection of vintage at Carmen & Ginger, but, you will be able to grab a great meal, coffee, cupcake or whiskey, have your hair or eyebrows done, get your bike tuned up, and shop for on-trend clothing that range from custom couture to bespoke finery to second-hand designer and smart and sexy fun!  There are fine jewels handcrafted locally, art of Africa, crafts and jewelry of the Southwest and upscale gifts for everyone.  A day of shopping in an historic building - what a treat!

Oh, and just for the record, we have not forgotten about our Etsy shop.  We will get that spruced up with new items weekly by the end of this month as well!  Keep watching...you do not want to miss anything...




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